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Neurology specialty services offer treatment for diseases of the nervous system including disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, neuro-muscular junction and muscle. Neurology illnesses – once thought to be one of exotic diagnosis without effective treatment. The scenario has changed now. Many of the neurological problems can be treated if diagnosed early and many facilities are available to improve quality of life even though not fully curable.

We have state of the art facilities for comprehensive evaluation of neurological problems and its management.

Diseases/Conditions Treated

We provide specialized care for patients with,

A. STROKE – Stroke is an acute neurological problem due to problems blood circulation. Can be due to blockage of blood vessels or bleeding into brain parenchyma.The symptoms include weakness of any part of body, unsteadiness, difficulty in vision and difficulty in speech. For acute ischemic stroke (due to blockage of blood vessels) it is estimated that around 10 million neurons die in every 10 minutes and hence revascularisation has to be done as early as possible. IV thrombolysis is being given here if stroke onset is within 4 1⁄2 hours.

1) We have 24 x 7 emergency services for acute stroke care.

2) CT with Multiphasic Angiogram/MRI Facility.

3) Facility of IV Thrombolysis (within 4 1⁄2 hours) (we are   doing about 10 thrombolysis /month).

4) Dedicated stroke evaluation –because we need to know the exact cause for stroke for prevention in future.

5) In house Physiotherapist for patients who are admitted with stroke.

6) Physical Medical Department for rehabilitation of stroke patients.

7) Speech therapy

8) Long term follow up - individualized.

B. EPILEPSY: Earlier the diagnosis of epilepsy used to have a social stigma. It is totally changed now. The fact that it is due to hypersynchronous discharges from brain, which can be controlled with drugs/other modes of therapy. Neurology Department at BR Hospital is well equipped to manage all case of Seizures/status. There is a dedicated ICU with state of the art facilities and we have a Video EEG/portable EEG facility.

C. MOVEMENT DISORDERS – including Parkinsonism/Dystonia/various types of tremors.


E. NEURO MUSCULAR DISORDERS – Like Myopathies and Muscular dystonia, Myasthenia.

F. DEMYELINATING/AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS-Including Guillian Barre syndrome, ADEM, Multiple Sclerosis. There is facility for doing plasma exchange.

G. COGNITIVE PROBLEMS AND DEMENTIAS – Problems with memory is very common and can be due to various reasons of which some are fully treatable. Here we do assessment using ACE-R + HAD scoring system and a battery of tests in patients with Dementia.

H. INFECTIONS OF NERVOUS SYSTEM - Like Meningitis/Encephalitis.

I. SLEEP DISORDERS - Problems with sleep is now found to be the root cause for many Systemic illnesses.

Sleep lab is functional for overnight sleep study (PSG) + MSLT. Sleep disorders can be diagnosed and in selected cases (of OSA) CPAP titration is done and home

CPAP support is recommended.


(5) Botulinum toxin injections are being given for various conditions like hemifacial spasm/spasticity/various kinds of dystonia.

(6) Counseling for various psychological disorders.


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