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Dental department is known to deliver high quality dental treatments. We are able to maintain a running out patient department and inpatient facilities, since its establishment. The dental outpatient department consists of different departments headed by respective specialists providing primary to tertiary dental care.

Diseases/Conditions Treated

Dental cares and its conservative and endodontic management

Gum diseases and its conservative and periodontic surgery

Skeletal and dental discrepancies

Missing teeth and its prosthodontic management

Maxillofacial trauma

Orthodontic and dentofacial corrections

Maxillofacial cysts, tumours and cancers

Minor oral surgery

Cosmetic dentistry

Maxillofacial reconstructive surgery

Management of acute and chrome space infections

Implant dentistry



In oral and maxillofacial surgery department, simple and complicated oral surgical procedures including extractions, impactions, alveoloplasty and biopsies are being performed under local anaesthesia.

We have an operation theatre along with the other medical and surgical specialities for major and complicated oral - maxillofacial surgical procedures under general Anaesthesia where osteotomy, cyst enucleation, fracture reductions etc are done on a regular basis.

In periodontology department scaling, polishing curettage and root planning are carried out successfully.

In department of operative dentistry caters to patients requiring cosmetic, restorative, preventive, endodontic and paedodontic treatments.

In prosthodontic department, missing teeth are replaced with removable as well as fixed prosthesis encompassing dentures, over dentures, errors and variety of bridges.

Skeletal and dental discrepancies are corrected by functional/fixed/Removable appliances by undertaking advanced materials and techniques in yet another field of dentistry, Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics


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