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Patient Experience


Our admission policy is aimed at improving the patient/bystander experience from the word go. Click here for the details guidelines to follow at admission

Admission Policy for Elective Admissions

  • Admissions are accepted 24X7 irrespective of holidays based on the services provided in BR Hospital and based on the availability of the beds.
  • All patients shall make necessary financial arrangements (advance payment) prior to admission. Minimum 70% of the estimate.
  • Admissions from Monday to Saturday are done from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm through the Admission desk situated in the ground floor.
  • Patients who need immediate care will have the precedence in admission over other patients.
  • The PRO shall provide an estimate of the costs of the procedures where expected LOS is known. This estimate is subject to variation due to the length of surgery, number of days spent in the ICU, change treatment regime etc.